For almost 20 years, Partner I.T. has helped businesses take full advantage of the latest computer, server and cloud technologies to create an efficient work environment for faster growth with lower costs.

With Partner I.T., you will quickly notice that we take away the frustration, confusion and time of implementing technology and provide your business with worry-free solutions to keep you focused on growing your business.

Contact us today for a free technology assessment. Partner I.T. will outline your critical needs and provide advice on ways to lower costs while taking your business to the next level.

  Worried About Your Office?

If your technology isn’t secure, reliable and compliant, it costs money. If your data isn’t secure and backed up, it puts your business at risk.

No matter what size your business, Partner I.T. provides a proven I.T. framework for growth.

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  Worried About the Cloud?

Internet-based applications are transforming and simplifying the way companies work by reducing costs and enabling work collaboration from any location.

Partner I.T. can help you develop a plan for growth using the latest competitive technologies.

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  Worried About Phones?

Internet phone systems offer dramatically lower costs and greater flexibility than older systems with more call forwarding and routing options to complement your work flow.

Get the benefits of a cloud-base communications integrated with you other I.T. systems.

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  Worried About Backup?

Twenty percent of hard drives won’t last four years. Include the risk of theft, catastrophe and accidental deletions, and the potential for data loss is something every business must face.

Learn more about why a managed backup approach is the only reliable choice.

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  Worried About Office 365?

Office 365 is transforming a wide range of industries, including financial, health and professional services. Office 365 offers lower costs, compliance and new ways of customer interaction.

Partner I.T. can help you transition to Office 365 with professional planning and implementation.

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  Worried About a New PC?

Upgrading your computer can be a maze of options with a wide range of pricing. A computer on sale doesn’t always save you money.

Partner I.T. can help you determine where to prioritize shopping dollars with complimentary purchasing assistance.

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  Worried About HIPAA Compliance?

The healthcare industry is regulated to protect confidential patient data. Are you meeting the requirements?

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  Worried About I.T. Backup?

If you rely on a single person for your I.T. needs, your business health may be tied to their well-being.

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  Worried About Anything Else?

Let us review your current setup and growth plans at no charge and give you the value of almost 20 years of experience.

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