Worried About Your Home?

With the Internet, safety concerns don’t end after everyone’s home. Threats from unsafe or inappropriate websites, computer viruses and online scams put your household at risk. Let Partner I.T. show you how to inexpensively protect your household from these worldwide threats with our Safe Home™ solution.

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Worried About Your Office?

Technology that isn’t secure, reliable and compliant costs money. Data that isn’t secure and backed up puts your business at risk. Whether you are a storefront, office or mobile user, Partner I.T. offers a comprehensive solution that addresses immediate concerns, provides a framework for growth and puts your business on a path to lower technology costs.

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Worried About the Cloud?

Internet-based applications are transforming and simplifying the ways that companies work together and with customers. These services are reducing costs and enabling work and collaboration from any location. Let Partner I.T. help you develop a plan for growing and thriving with these latest competitive technologies.

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Worried About Repair?

Computers fail from both mechanical and software causes. With over 15 years of experience, Partner I.T. has a long history of identifying and solving these problems. With both onsite and remote support for residential and business customers, Partner I.T. can help you address any challenge you face whether it’s configuration problems, virus infections, failing hard drives or new system installations. Our professional staff delivers professional results.

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Worried About Office 365?

The consumer versions of Office 365 you see in the stores don’t even begin to showcase the power that Office 365 offers for businesses. Microsoft’s solution is already transforming a wide range of industries including financial, health and professional services while at the same time lowering costs, improving productivity, ensuring compliance and providing new methods of customer interaction. Let Partner I.T. help you get the most from Microsoft’s cloud-based solution.

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Worried About Backup?

Hard drives fail. Laptops get lost or stolen. Data backup is something every business must plan for. Learn the top 10 things you need to know to make sure your data is safe. Click here for the list.

Worried About a New PC?

Upgrading your computer can be a maze of options. A computer on sale doesn’t always save you money. Click here to learn more.

Worried About Everything Working Together?

At Partner I.T., we work with the leading technology providers to design the right combination of services for your business.